did I mention my nanna had said not to befriend any peculiar people? well today in an email: “and have you made any normal friends?”

Sunday for nothing. I tried to sleep in but I am not used to blinds that don’t keep out light. and crows.
only managed one item on my todo list, laundry. but! I finally actually cooked today. even if it was only boiling pasta. everyone finds it quite amusing that I can’t cook and that even my microwave soups in microwave-safe containers explode.
and! i’ve been forgetting to take my pills. because I changed to take them in the morning because they make my oesophagus burn when I take them at night.

ordered my posters again. i’d asked mumm to take them down and send them. so she took them down and put them on my bed and went to have breakfast and came back and Buddha had shredded them into tiny pieces.

the most adorable thing in the world is a yawning numbat. if you ever see it you’ll see instantly why.

one big fat cheery face

well! today I feel like a uni student. thee most eventful day, when i’d expected it to be thee most boring, because of the Telstra guy and his appointment anywhere between 10am and 3pm. but he called at 7am! and arrived at 7:30. and had my phoneline on by 8! hurrah! so that left the whole day free to check email.

then I decided to go to Garden City. I thought from there it would be easy to find my way to Centrelink to update my address and enrolment details. well! little did I know that the bus drivers were on strike until 2pm. after figuring this out I walked to the busway to catch a busway bus. then! since Garden City is so monstrous it took me 40 minutes just to find the right end of it to get to Centrelink. but once there I updated all my information and applied for rent assistance. which took two hours, most of which was standing in line.
then I went back to Garden City and bought pegs, to hang my laundry, and thumbtacks, to pin a curtain behind my desk. which will be nicer than a corner and bunch of wires. and I bought some groceries I didn’t really need. and actually looked at my receipt this time and discovered that peaches are expensive!

then I.. arrived home late for the party! which was a “get together” for Griffith Glen, the complex I live in, for everyone to meet each other and eat Cheezles and try and find something in common with each other. which, since we’re all students, we do.. two others I met are doing psychology at Griffith, but both are first years. they both said they’d recognised me from the orientation day, but I didn’t recognise the-em.

I met a French girl called Celine who smiles with her whole face, and her eyes so you don’t even know where she’s looking. she invited Tanya and I to the new Griffith bar with her. but then we left early to Tanya’s flat to watch a video, but Celine came up to knock on the door to fetch us! so. we waited 40 minutes for a bus but then someone gave us a lift. and I met so many people there that they’ve all blurred into one big fat cheery face. but one invited me shopping tomorrow morning and another invited me to a party where people who are single dress in green and people who are not dress in red. terrible, terrible shame i’ve nothing in green..  :3
I take it black means you’re dead. which is fine with me.

psychology day!

all the psych orientation stuff was today, lectures and tours. most of it was aimed at first years, but at least I learnt who to talk to and where to go, and stuff. I met lots of lovelie people whom i’d like to have classes with! Alison from Hong Kong, I sat next to in the first lecture, so we kind of stayed together. during that lecture we were asked to get into groups and talk and make friends. so after that our group.. were friends! there was a free lunch, which I didn’t want. so I went and sat, and eventually they all came and sat.. oh, Alison. very tall and glamorous, and wants to get a job in a pet shop! she was very disappointed with the campus, as she’d wanted to go to UQ but didn’t get in, and UQ had a chocolate appreciation association, or something.

I found out that around 4/5ths of students in the psychology school are actually taking a bachelor in behavioural science, not psychology, as psychology is much harder to get into, but basically the same thing (except the option for honours). how stupid and needlessly confusing?

not so jobby

well! my phone line still wasn’t working this morning. this meant I had to walk to the uni (finding my own way!) to check my email from a computer lab, ’cause I hadn’t for two days and I was vaguely worried about my customers. but I only had two emails! so nothing terrible happened in my absence, as it usually does.

when I came home Nia, flatmate #1, asked me if I wanted to go to the city with her.
when I first met Nia she didn’t smile, and barely spoke, and mumm said she didn’t seem too nice. but after two days she seems the nicest. she’s already offered me her food, computer, cooking skills and huge collections of nailpolishes. she paints a new nailcolour every day and has had her boyfriend for three years.

Then Adraia, flatmate #2, came home and she decided to come to the city with us. which was good, because she has a car. even though all we drove is to the busway (a whole highway just for the bus!) because the city is all horribly confusing and everyone hates driving in it. the busway stop is a walk up a hill. which is why we drove there.

so! we went shopping, and I saw a billion things I wanted to buy but didn’t. ’cause I need to find a job. I went to jobseekers and printed out three, but. mmm. i’m not a jobby type of person.

getting orgamanised

I went to Jan’s office early to get my phone line connected, then she drove me and some other girl to uni, ’cause it was our first day. the other girl’s name was Tanya, and we decided to stick together because it’s better to be hopelessly lost with someone else. so I went to her theatre lectures and she came on my campus tours.

afterwards we caught the bus to Garden City and saw Mona Lisa Smile. and had coffee. I noticed my personality changed to suit hers. is that a lie? she’s very friendly and sociable and wants to go to nightclubs and have parties and meet people. and kept talking about her best friend. that term is used down here! my flatmate yesterday introduced me to her Best friend.

anyway, soon I was tiring of Tanya and wanted to go home and see if my phone line was working. but! she took me to her flat to watch a corny Australian movie, and make japanese noodles. she wanted to meet me tomorrow morning but I said I didn’t know what I was doing..
she’s very nice! just not my type. more my sister’s type.

bye mumm

I woke up at 5am to the brightest hotel room i’d ever seen, and the curtains were drawn!

we went grocery shopping, which was $100, but only because there were things i’d not need to buy often, like laundry detergent and waste paper baskets and 100 peel&seal envelopes correct size for A4. the mall, is called Garden City, was very full, because of the heatwave, and no one down here has air conditioning in their house. and all the electrical fans in Brisbane were sold out.

then we went to the Gold Coast to see the nannas and poppa and Elaine. my superb navigational skills got us there in half the time, for which I demanded congratulations from everyone, and for which congratulations were duly given.

lucki I got to sit between Elaine and nanna Cutts, who asked me lots of questions I didn’t want to answer and gave me lots of useless advice and told me I could come and stay with them any time. which I never will. when Elaine and nanna Cutts weren’t there, mumm and nanna Trish and poppa complained about Elaine’s habit of always talking about herself as though it was a huge problem.

then we drove back to Brisbane and mumm dropped me off at Griffith Glen, which is the name of the place I live. she cried saying goodbye.

going to uni?

had to wake up early to finish packing, and the plane left at 10. daydream patted me on the shoulder at the airport. I had four suitcases and a stereo-sized box. someone came in after us with just as much, and mumm said to me “at least we’re not the only ones.”
they stood behind us in the check-in line and the woman said, “going to uni?”
“is it that obvious?” said mumm.
but only because the boy with the woman was going to uni too. not only that, the same uni. and the same campus. not only that, living in the same complex. after learning this the mother kept trying to talk to us and we kept avoiding her.

we went straight from the airport to the complex, mumm having slight panic attacks trying to get out of the one way streeted city and me randomly punching her in the side of the head to distract her.

when we arrived, Jan, the landlady, exclaimed over how good it was to meet me because she felt she knew me already after talking to me on the phone. we talked once on the phone!
mumm loved her. i’ve the feeling all mumms love her, and that all the students living here secretly call her Auntie Jan.

well the complex is like a resort. it’s a little village of quaint two story buildings set in a heavy garden with winding cobbled pathways and so on, and a pool and a gym and barbeque areas all over the place. I share an apartment with three girls, my room is at the back and has a double bed, a desk, a bookcase, a wardrobe and an ensuite.

it wears me out
people. they wear me out. the things they can do.. I just can’t believe it.

exasperatedly drawn out are

i’ve been so involved in business stuff lately that I can barely even think of anything else. i’ve done a lot of stuff i’d wanted to do for a while.. but there’s still so much more I want to do. i’ve recently had a brilliant idea for expanding it, but haven’t the time now.

I find it very frustrating to not immediately proceed to make ideas reality. when I have them.

tonight I really am going to bed early because i’m so tired. and I have to start doing things tomorrow. I am moving, afterall, it’s not just a trip. plus my room is an absolute mess.. but i’m not messy. there’s just too much stuff in there.
mumm keeps telling me what not to do.. I said, “mumm, i’m not an idiot.”
she said “yes you arrrrrrre,” with an exasperatedly drawn out are.

I tried tictacs again but couldn’t restrain myself and ate the whole pack in an hour. so back to none. i’d switched to gum for a while but the same thing happened. I bet I could get addicted to peppermint cigarettes in one second.

oh! I nearly forgot. while waking up this morning, which by the way was weird as well, because I suddenly realised I was awake, where I usually never remember waking. anyway I was lying on my side when I opened my eyes, only it was dark so there was no difference, but I saw flashing lights. like the lights on a police car, blue and red. they were only small, like I was seeing them from a mile away. I closed my eyes and looked away but they were there for almost a minute.
I took it as an omen.

and, in a bookshop, I picked randomly up one of those books where you open it up and the page you open it on tells you your fortune. this was a love one, as in “book of love fortunes,” or something. I opened it up to a page that said “it’s not what you think.”
I didn’t try again .. 🙂


today was quite marvellous, actually. I felt happy. i’ve slept the past three nights, now.. although not tonight, since it’s nearly 9am already. I think i’ll go for a walk instead of sleep.

mm! I was asked to be on a TV show that wanted to do a segment on a Griffith student moving into shared accommodation from far away. what do you think was my reply?

I watched a movie with quick and violent kisses like snakebites.

not so okay

“you didn’t say one wrong thing in that whole conversation!”
best line all week.

i’m 5% as good as everyone thinks. a mannequin they sawed open for heroin but found nothing. but I felt okay today, just now.. i’m going to bed early.