election day.. I voted for no one. what a waste of resources, all us mindless people, making our way to polling booths to VOTE FOR NO ONE. I hope they smother in mountains of unmarked ballots.

I checked my spam filter.
I do so every week or so, a quick glance through, to see if it’s misclassified anything.. although i’ve probably missed dozens of terribly important final notices, or something.
so, anyway? I noticed that x has been sending me at least one email a day? deleted on subject-line sight, of course. the last one i’d read had been the most deathly vicious diatribe! I don’t believe such as he can really exist. and! the gleeful admission that he’d purposefully made my friends hate me, and even my mother.. i’ll have to ask her.
gosh, the poor, hate-filled creature.. the Universe has my permission to spit him out.