I finally thought.. yes. finally!
um. to check whether or not credit for my degree so far had been accepted. I logged in to find i’d been unenrolled from my first year classes, which means it had. but it didn’t say.. anything. so I thought they must’ve sent a letter. so I went to check the po box (it was 2am, so I took a dog, and she got muddy pawprints all over the carpet) and they had send a letter, which said to log in and check online. where it doesn’t say anything..
so I enrolled for second year stuff anyway. and it all sounds horrid. I hate psychology.

… ,
the babies have recovered, they fling their mouths out the door when the nest is knocked (not that I go around knocking nests…) and their parents still love them and sit on them.
me, me, still can’t sleep.. but I love this face :T
:T :T

ah. this is why I haven’t been updating.