bye mumm

I woke up at 5am to the brightest hotel room i’d ever seen, and the curtains were drawn!

we went grocery shopping, which was $100, but only because there were things i’d not need to buy often, like laundry detergent and waste paper baskets and 100 peel&seal envelopes correct size for A4. the mall, is called Garden City, was very full, because of the heatwave, and no one down here has air conditioning in their house. and all the electrical fans in Brisbane were sold out.

then we went to the Gold Coast to see the nannas and poppa and Elaine. my superb navigational skills got us there in half the time, for which I demanded congratulations from everyone, and for which congratulations were duly given.

lucki I got to sit between Elaine and nanna Cutts, who asked me lots of questions I didn’t want to answer and gave me lots of useless advice and told me I could come and stay with them any time. which I never will. when Elaine and nanna Cutts weren’t there, mumm and nanna Trish and poppa complained about Elaine’s habit of always talking about herself as though it was a huge problem.

then we drove back to Brisbane and mumm dropped me off at Griffith Glen, which is the name of the place I live. she cried saying goodbye.