one big fat cheery face

well! today I feel like a uni student. thee most eventful day, when i’d expected it to be thee most boring, because of the Telstra guy and his appointment anywhere between 10am and 3pm. but he called at 7am! and arrived at 7:30. and had my phoneline on by 8! hurrah! so that left the whole day free to check email.

then I decided to go to Garden City. I thought from there it would be easy to find my way to Centrelink to update my address and enrolment details. well! little did I know that the bus drivers were on strike until 2pm. after figuring this out I walked to the busway to catch a busway bus. then! since Garden City is so monstrous it took me 40 minutes just to find the right end of it to get to Centrelink. but once there I updated all my information and applied for rent assistance. which took two hours, most of which was standing in line.
then I went back to Garden City and bought pegs, to hang my laundry, and thumbtacks, to pin a curtain behind my desk. which will be nicer than a corner and bunch of wires. and I bought some groceries I didn’t really need. and actually looked at my receipt this time and discovered that peaches are expensive!

then I.. arrived home late for the party! which was a “get together” for Griffith Glen, the complex I live in, for everyone to meet each other and eat Cheezles and try and find something in common with each other. which, since we’re all students, we do.. two others I met are doing psychology at Griffith, but both are first years. they both said they’d recognised me from the orientation day, but I didn’t recognise the-em.

I met a French girl called Celine who smiles with her whole face, and her eyes so you don’t even know where she’s looking. she invited Tanya and I to the new Griffith bar with her. but then we left early to Tanya’s flat to watch a video, but Celine came up to knock on the door to fetch us! so. we waited 40 minutes for a bus but then someone gave us a lift. and I met so many people there that they’ve all blurred into one big fat cheery face. but one invited me shopping tomorrow morning and another invited me to a party where people who are single dress in green and people who are not dress in red. terrible, terrible shame i’ve nothing in green..  :3
I take it black means you’re dead. which is fine with me.