puckered pale

today mumm took me to Kuranda. i’d said offhandedly that i’d visit it before I left, so Sarah and she decided! to take me for me. it’d been simply pouring for days, a nearby cyclone, so the fact that it was today didn’t seem much of an obstacle. I was very glad I wasn’t driving, though, the road up the mountain is small and winding, and foggy with sheets of water and cloud.

we went to Barron Falls. it wasn’t really raining when we got there, so we walked all the way down to the lookout. the waterfall wasn’t too impressive, because we’d been expecting it to be huge after all the rain and flooding. but as we were looking at it it started to rain again, pouring again. mumm had an umbrella, and she and Sarah huddled under it. I said i’d go back to the car and unlock it while they tried to get there dry. it’s a long walk to the carpark.. within 5 seconds I was thoroughly drenched. I was scared the whole way that my camera would get wet. the walkway was a flowing torrent. they arrived at the car half an hour after, also thoroughly drenched.

then, of course, she decided to stop at Smithfield to buy things. still drenched, air conditioning numbed my fingers and gave me spasms. by the time I got home and showered and crawled into bed I was puckered pale. but I was half-laughing.