four movies

well, guess what! I went to sleep at around 4am, which is usual.. and woke up at 11am. which is not! but I woke up so very tired, so an hour or so later I went back to sleep, and woke up at 3pm. then I got up and watched 28 Days and ate half a lettuce. then I went to lie down some more and slept again until 6pm. then got up, but only for about 5 minutes because Katrina & co. were here. so I went to lie down again but didn’t sleep again, just comfortably thought lots of things.

I came out again before they left, they’d stayed for dinner, and watched Monsters, Inc. with Ronnie, who insisted I compliment her new pink sandals every ten minutes. then they left, and I watched Hackers. by the time that was over, everyone was in bed, and I watched Single White Female. that’s four movies!

so today was pretty brilliant. I dreamt a lot, but can’t remember any of it.. and one I really want to, because I can tell it was nice. and! I finally caught up on all my dailies, and barely missed a day all the way back from January 23rd. yay me.
feel so much better, air tastes like sugar.