going to uni?

had to wake up early to finish packing, and the plane left at 10. daydream patted me on the shoulder at the airport. I had four suitcases and a stereo-sized box. someone came in after us with just as much, and mumm said to me “at least we’re not the only ones.”
they stood behind us in the check-in line and the woman said, “going to uni?”
“is it that obvious?” said mumm.
but only because the boy with the woman was going to uni too. not only that, the same uni. and the same campus. not only that, living in the same complex. after learning this the mother kept trying to talk to us and we kept avoiding her.

we went straight from the airport to the complex, mumm having slight panic attacks trying to get out of the one way streeted city and me randomly punching her in the side of the head to distract her.

when we arrived, Jan, the landlady, exclaimed over how good it was to meet me because she felt she knew me already after talking to me on the phone. we talked once on the phone!
mumm loved her. i’ve the feeling all mumms love her, and that all the students living here secretly call her Auntie Jan.

well the complex is like a resort. it’s a little village of quaint two story buildings set in a heavy garden with winding cobbled pathways and so on, and a pool and a gym and barbeque areas all over the place. I share an apartment with three girls, my room is at the back and has a double bed, a desk, a bookcase, a wardrobe and an ensuite.