getting orgamanised

I went to Jan’s office early to get my phone line connected, then she drove me and some other girl to uni, ’cause it was our first day. the other girl’s name was Tanya, and we decided to stick together because it’s better to be hopelessly lost with someone else. so I went to her theatre lectures and she came on my campus tours.

afterwards we caught the bus to Garden City and saw Mona Lisa Smile. and had coffee. I noticed my personality changed to suit hers. is that a lie? she’s very friendly and sociable and wants to go to nightclubs and have parties and meet people. and kept talking about her best friend. that term is used down here! my flatmate yesterday introduced me to her Best friend.

anyway, soon I was tiring of Tanya and wanted to go home and see if my phone line was working. but! she took me to her flat to watch a corny Australian movie, and make japanese noodles. she wanted to meet me tomorrow morning but I said I didn’t know what I was doing..
she’s very nice! just not my type. more my sister’s type.