not so jobby

well! my phone line still wasn’t working this morning. this meant I had to walk to the uni (finding my own way!) to check my email from a computer lab, ’cause I hadn’t for two days and I was vaguely worried about my customers. but I only had two emails! so nothing terrible happened in my absence, as it usually does.

when I came home Nia, flatmate #1, asked me if I wanted to go to the city with her.
when I first met Nia she didn’t smile, and barely spoke, and mumm said she didn’t seem too nice. but after two days she seems the nicest. she’s already offered me her food, computer, cooking skills and huge collections of nailpolishes. she paints a new nailcolour every day and has had her boyfriend for three years.

Then Adraia, flatmate #2, came home and she decided to come to the city with us. which was good, because she has a car. even though all we drove is to the busway (a whole highway just for the bus!) because the city is all horribly confusing and everyone hates driving in it. the busway stop is a walk up a hill. which is why we drove there.

so! we went shopping, and I saw a billion things I wanted to buy but didn’t. ’cause I need to find a job. I went to jobseekers and printed out three, but. mmm. i’m not a jobby type of person.