psychology day!

all the psych orientation stuff was today, lectures and tours. most of it was aimed at first years, but at least I learnt who to talk to and where to go, and stuff. I met lots of lovelie people whom i’d like to have classes with! Alison from Hong Kong, I sat next to in the first lecture, so we kind of stayed together. during that lecture we were asked to get into groups and talk and make friends. so after that our group.. were friends! there was a free lunch, which I didn’t want. so I went and sat, and eventually they all came and sat.. oh, Alison. very tall and glamorous, and wants to get a job in a pet shop! she was very disappointed with the campus, as she’d wanted to go to UQ but didn’t get in, and UQ had a chocolate appreciation association, or something.

I found out that around 4/5ths of students in the psychology school are actually taking a bachelor in behavioural science, not psychology, as psychology is much harder to get into, but basically the same thing (except the option for honours). how stupid and needlessly confusing?