am winner

well they published the tutorial lists today. there are several tutorials for each course and you sign up for the one you want and can make it to. but usually 90% of any course wants the same two tutorials, so a lot of people don’t get their first preference.
every semester I have been at uni I have gotten my first preference, and this is no exception. yay! so my final timetable is (no longer) here. only I probably won’t be doing 2004 anymore.
I didn’t put room numbers because I am afraid of stalkers.

today I caught the buss to the city. I had my earphones in but the player was off. boarding the bus, the driver had to repeat to me everything he said – whether I wanted a return ticket, the fare, and to put the money in the tray rather than hand it to him… which was strange. I just stared at it (the tray). he said “if you took your headphones off you’d be able to hear me say it.” I smiled. but I wasn’t deaf. just dumb.