I was supposed to pay rent, for the first time, and forgot. that bodes well! I will tomorrow. it’s 11:11, that means i’m telling the truth.

today started out purposeful. I cleaned, and caught up on .. this. but then I watched Rage. The Disassociatives are cute. I hope Shannon Noll dies very soon. then I watched Gladiator, but didn’t like it any better than the first time. there are things in it I like. but my dislike for Russell Crow drowns them. then I watched Moulin Rouge. by then I was nearly dead.

some stuff I know and I don’t know why:

  • rinsing your hair with cold water after washing it will only flatten it.
  • oily skin often means it’s dry. it does! when your skin lacks moisture it will compensate with oil. so moisturise it. for god’s ache, don’t just wash it with soap. soap is bad for skin. bad!
  • light eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyelids makes your eyes seem further apart. which is good.
  • hair conditioner and, to a lesser extent, shampoo, leave a buildup of gunk on your hair to make it seem softer/smoother/shinier/stronger etc. so don’t use it before dying your hair, as less dye will reach the actual hair, and more will be washed away with the gunk later.
  • when filing your nails only file in one direction. filing in both directions weakens the nail.
  • after applying one coat of mascara, apply another to only the eyelash tips. it’ll curl them, which makes them seem longer.
  • apply a damp, hot washcloth to zits. it brings the pus passively out and won’t cause scarring.
  • pluck and wax after a hot shower, when your pores are open. and before bedtime, so any redness can fade in sleep.
  • brushing your hair stimulates the scalp. which makes your hair grow faster.
  • if you line the bottom inner eyelid, line the top one, otherwise your eyes will look small.
  • vitamin e makes your hair shiny. vitamin a makes your nails strong.