lol singing

Adraia, flatmate, sometimes sings softly along with commercials and radio for one line. totally flat, tone-deaf singing. i’d never actually witnessed (apart from glimpses of idol shows) terrible singing. but it was only bad, not amazingly bad, but amazing that she still sang, in semi-public..

amazing not! compared to what I heard today. Sandy, German bedroom mouse, wailing from behind her closed door. oh. my. gosh. I initially thought she (or 39 cats she’d kept hidden in there) must’ve been having a brazilian wax. it was so bad i’m thinking it was probably purposeful. no one could really be that bad. even Sarah pretending to be the worst isn’t that bad.

anyway. I had a one hour lab today, an utter waste of time. he taught us how to open SPSS, the stats analysis program every 2nd year student has been using for a year. go to start, go to programs, go to SPSS. k, that’s it, thanxxx for coming.

I came home and ate half a watermelon and drank 5 cups of tea. I use artificial sweetner, one pill being equal to two teaspoons of sugar, four pills in each cup. I read Cosmopolitan and its blowjob tips and “during sex my boyfriend makes me describe my friends having sex with their boyfriends, should I dump him?”