volvelle and snickersnee: why do they have to be for such mundane things?
beyond the pale
cast aspersions
dead cat bounce
gobsmacked, harebrained
hem and haw
out of sorts

you’ll never guess what I did today!
1. homework!
2. cooked actual vegetables! although the peas were frozen. and all I used was the microwave. but still.
3. rang my nanna. I said i’d visit on Friday, but this week seems to be the one for saying i’ll do things and not doing them.

walking to the videostore I passed Tanya, who asked me to go back with her to Stones Corner tomorrow and pick up the ugly jacket she’d put on lay-by last time. walking to Garden City I passed a mohawked boy who said “hi!” but I was looking elsewhere. when he said it again and waved frantically I realised it was aimed at me. I said “hi,” obviously blankly, because he said, “we go to uni. together.”

had a stats tutorial today. easy peasy! I helped the boy next to me about a dozen times. he even asked “how can you tell if the effect is significant?” and I remembered! “it has to be less than .05!” how brilliant am I? and I remembered how to do a repeated measures anova and an independent t-test and that a type 1 error rate is a false positive! oh, my own brilliance delights me.