rudely awakened at 6am! to go to Murwillumbah. I went and looked at the hundreds-year-old houses and flood walls and op shops and bought some things I didn’t need. like stickers and gauze butterflies and pictures.
I forget that Brisbane is so close to the border. my grandparents actually live in NSW! well, it’s strange, because QLD is so big.

people sleep on the train!
arriving home I realised I hadn’t told my flatmates i’d be away for 4 days. I think they’d thought i’d died. gosh, people are a hassle.
Nia seems to delight in my company. she’s forever calling down the hall when i’m in my room, telling bad jokes, making pointless remarks.. which I don’t really mind, but she expects me to answer them.

went to do some shopping and almost got locked in! after watching a movie when I was very little about two children being locked in a department store overnight i’ve been a bit scared of it. I spur-of-the-moment bought a book on forensic science for poppa, since he said if he could go back in time that’s what he’d do.

he told me so many stories. I can’t remember them. oh yes, when he was born his mother gave him to her mother because he was an outside-her-marriage lovechild. so he never knew his grandmother wasn’t his mother ’til she died and his father came to get him.