I’m not 19

first biological psychology lecture today. and! guess what I get to do in two weeks! dissect a human brain, yay!
I wonder if they’ll let me photograph it.

in David Jones today a woman walked past me wearing a perfume that instantly reminded me of my dead nanna Elaine, and her bathroom. wow, was it powerful. I always thought it was just one of those stupid cliches. like the false memory implantation example of the grandfather’s tobacco, where you don’t really remember sitting on his lap with lollies, you just think you do ’cause you were told it so many times.

they started dismantling the dreamworld rollercoaster today.
someone trademarked the phrase “aussie aussie aussie, oi oi oi,” so that International companies couldn’t do so and then sue everyone for using it like they did uggboots.

most people, so far, have estimated my age to be 19.

I think Australians more so than any other people are very protective of their personal space. they tend to avoid at all costs sitting or standing directly next to someone. one person per park bench or bus shelter, one person every second seat in theatres and.. psychology lectures.