I accidentally haven’t taken endep for a week, because I take it with my birth control, so often the week I don’t take birthcontrol I forget to take endep. a week is long enough to notice the changes it isn’t making. but I haven’t noticed anything. except! increased incidence of hayfever. *snif*
which is why I still take it, but it makes me feel better that I haven’t noticed anything else.

it is hot. today I ventured out without sleeves. that is evidence that it is hot.

the campus I go to is a 5 minute drive away from another campus for the same uni. so there is an inter-campus bus that goes back and forth every 15 minutes all day, with a stop half-way. the half-way stop is closer to where I live than my campus is, so sometimes instead of walking up this big useless hill to get to uni I walk to the bus stop instead. well I did that today at 1pm, it being a time of hottest heat, but the bus didn’t come for 35 minutes. so I finally hauled myself up and walked to uni, fast, because I only had 5 minutes for the 20 minute walk up a big useless hill in a time of hottest heat.

so I got to my cognition lecture 10 minutes late, which sucks when he’s halfway into neurons and brain chemistry and other things I suck at. plus for the rest of the day i’ve had an accelerating migraine and have puked 89 times, hurrah. plus it’s still hot.