biology day! I didn’t go to the brain dissection tute.. though I wish I could’ve. i’ll just tell everyone I did.

I left the lecture early and went shopping with Tanya. and helped her write her resume and cover letters and it made me want to do my own. but that’s worn off already. and by now I should wait until after Easter, since i’ll be going home for a week soon. if I did get a job, I couldn’t ask for a week off so soon.
but I want one, I do. four days a week i’ve nothing to do.
i’ve decided that I will eat chocolate on Easter. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes, I will.

walking home in semi-dark, Tanya suddenly asked me if i’d ever been pregnant. I fancy she was trying to be casual but had considered blurting the question carefully before doing so, as though it could have dire consequences.. I know her tone was different .. anyway, I said no.

I would consider having a child so young a waste of life.. such a long project should be undertaken after every feasible thing else has been done.

dream: as the elevator doors opened they revealed a big silver gun, pointed directly at my face, which proceeded to! shoot me in the face, of course. it ended, I didn’t dream of dying..

x has said often that I ought to be shot in the face, or that he would.. but that didn’t occur to me until just now. it was a complete stranger holding the gun.

I haven’t heard from him for months..

oh, god. I just looked up the date of my divorce hearing and it was a week ago. damn it, damn.. I !! ugh. I was supposed to’ve returned the papers a month beforehand, but he never sent them back.

hmm. I should’ve checked ages ago, I thought it was months away. and it was! months ago!