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it’s the 26th already? I must be dead

I dreamt of ants who lived in big conch shells like palaces. millions of ants, a black river. I grew terribly angry when they began trooping over my bed.

biology I am not suited to. the tutorial reminded me of highschool.. half an hour into it I realised I was not learning anything, and would not, so left. 5 minutes after arriving home, Tanya came over to go to Stones Corner. oh, I didn’t want to go, but I learned to never say no. I bought some boots. ah! I cannot resist boots and will choose them over shoes every time.

walking home, another girl had come along, they seemed to pepper me with questions. gosh, they said, you’ve done so much for only 22. well you know, I haven’t. they just haven’t done anything.

oh, it was the 25th. it’s 5am. I always do that.