hmm! I am getting worse at this, and certainly my incidents.
in fact i’m only doing this now because i’m going back to the Gold Coast for a few days.

well! today. I didn’t sleep much ’cause I started at 5am and then got too hot, like I do during the day, and my flatmates decided to be exceptionally loud besides.
went into the city.. and forgot a notebook! things I would’ve written down:

Nathan is a name with good feng shui, if names could have feng shui. based on their letters. Nathan.
names in general are weird.. that we keep using the same ones. we should make up a new one for every person.

i’ve been chewing 3 packs of gum a day. lucky it’s sugarfree or i’d have no teeth left by now.

I love my new boots! they’re just like my old ones but don’t hurt or make a lot of cloppy noise.

I went to vote but they didn’t have an absentee option, ’cause i’d forgotten to be put on the Brisbane roll instead. so they gave me some number to ring to tell Cairns why I couldn’t vote. I wonder how much the fine is..
and I bought a prettie brass elephant. I love elephants. it’s Dali’s fault.