cheek kisses

all today was spent helping nanna with her assignment. she is doing a marriage celebrancy certificate ’cause even though she’s a chaplain she can’t marry people with just that. well. after practically writing her assignment, I thought maybe I should do the course myself. i’m only doing three at uni this semester, and it’s only $400 or something.

of course, now that i’ve thought about it and looked into it, I will now forget all about it.

the thing I dislike most about visiting the gold coast: all those cheek kisses. ee. every time I see someone there must ensue cheek kissing, and again when leaving them. and the sign of peace during mass.. I spend all morning dreading it. any excuse to cheek kiss will do.

.. while i’ve mentioned it, since attending mass the past two weeks.. … well, I can’t word it. yet.