volvelle and snickersnee: why do they have to be for such mundane things?
beyond the pale
cast aspersions
dead cat bounce
gobsmacked, harebrained
hem and haw
out of sorts

you’ll never guess what I did today!
1. homework!
2. cooked actual vegetables! although the peas were frozen. and all I used was the microwave. but still.
3. rang my nanna. I said i’d visit on Friday, but this week seems to be the one for saying i’ll do things and not doing them.

walking to the videostore I passed Tanya, who asked me to go back with her to Stones Corner tomorrow and pick up the ugly jacket she’d put on lay-by last time. walking to Garden City I passed a mohawked boy who said “hi!” but I was looking elsewhere. when he said it again and waved frantically I realised it was aimed at me. I said “hi,” obviously blankly, because he said, “we go to uni. together.”

had a stats tutorial today. easy peasy! I helped the boy next to me about a dozen times. he even asked “how can you tell if the effect is significant?” and I remembered! “it has to be less than .05!” how brilliant am I? and I remembered how to do a repeated measures anova and an independent t-test and that a type 1 error rate is a false positive! oh, my own brilliance delights me.

a slug

today I was so very tired. and I am so very tired still.
and scatterbrained. there were dozens of things I was supposed to do but didn’t. and I started the day by locking my keys in my room.

as I was leaving for uni, Nia said to wait ’cause she’d walk with me. so I walked up with her. which made me feel like quite a person.

spent the rest of the day on the verge of sleep in lectures. I had high arousal levels all weekend, why today of all days am I a slug? I ate! I slept! I ate and slept yesterday! it doesn’t make sense! walking home I felt i’d rather collapse on the sidewalk than walk the five steps to my house.

I fell asleep and woke at 9pm, too late to call my nanna. tsk unreliable me.


posters and phone arrived
went into the city and.. oh! i’d forgotten. bought a jacket and a sweater (striped!) and filled my camera. I explored Southbank for an hour (read: got hopelessly lost) and completely tired myself out, I barely made it home.
on the bus home I was across from two highschool girls putting makeup on each other. quite amusing.
a boy who at the bus station the other day asked if I was from Brazil waved at me today at another station, twice. I pretended I hadn’t seen it. both times.

Haste thee, Nymph, and bring with thee
Jest, and youthful Jollity,
Quips and cranks and wanton wiles,
Nods and becks and wreathed smiles
Such as hang on Hebe’s cheek,
And love to live in dimple sleek;
Sport that wrinkled Care derides,
And Laughter holding both his sides.
Come, and trip it, as you go,
On the light fantastic toe;
And in thy right hand lead with thee
The mountain-nymph, sweet Liberty;
And, if I give thee honour due,
Mirth, admit me of thy crew,
To live with her, and live with thee,
In unreproved pleasures free.

I looked it up. butterfly never was flutterby.


4 day weekends are murderous.
how many st patrick’s day parades can one city have?
i’ve been feeling unwell, and dizzy, all day.
watched planet of the apes, the original, which i’d never seen.

I was sitting on a half-wall, watching people order ice cream cones. a boy went up to the counter and left again before anyone could serve him about four times. when he finally did.. order something, he stammered, mispronounced something, used the wrong word. something. the counter girl smiled and turned away to fix his order, and the boy visibly chastened himself, practically stamped his foot. then he spotted me watching him and visibly blushed.


I did lots of things i’d been procrastinating on, today. withdrew from JCU, paid my credit card, did laundry/cleaned my room and finally put my boxes and stuff in storage. terribly thrilling stuff.

realised today that i’m more interested in what people eat than most. well, someone pointed it out, that I always ask, or peer into the kitchen when someone’s cooking. Nia makes mother-meals, roast and chops and vegetables. Adraia, i’ve seen cook twice, both times it was baked beans mixed with pasta on toast. Sandra eats nothing but plants, and as a direct result is frighteningly skinny.

in an email, when i’d asked her if I was predictable, mumm said:
You are so obliquely predictable, I always know what sort of clothes to buy you.

should do

maybe I should start taking vitamins. I love to learn. how about being a hairdresser? i’m so very lazy. I bought a cookbook the other day because I loved the pictures. I vow to attempt something in it. although I really have no desire to learn how to cook. it’s just hard to be healthy without.. mmm.
okay, today: um. watched two movies as well as various bad shows; judge judy, oprah, frasier. slept for 2 hours. got nothing at all done. nothing! there is no evidence this whole day existed at all.
oh, I painted my nails.

lol singing

Adraia, flatmate, sometimes sings softly along with commercials and radio for one line. totally flat, tone-deaf singing. i’d never actually witnessed (apart from glimpses of idol shows) terrible singing. but it was only bad, not amazingly bad, but amazing that she still sang, in semi-public..

amazing not! compared to what I heard today. Sandy, German bedroom mouse, wailing from behind her closed door. oh. my. gosh. I initially thought she (or 39 cats she’d kept hidden in there) must’ve been having a brazilian wax. it was so bad i’m thinking it was probably purposeful. no one could really be that bad. even Sarah pretending to be the worst isn’t that bad.

anyway. I had a one hour lab today, an utter waste of time. he taught us how to open SPSS, the stats analysis program every 2nd year student has been using for a year. go to start, go to programs, go to SPSS. k, that’s it, thanxxx for coming.

I came home and ate half a watermelon and drank 5 cups of tea. I use artificial sweetner, one pill being equal to two teaspoons of sugar, four pills in each cup. I read Cosmopolitan and its blowjob tips and “during sex my boyfriend makes me describe my friends having sex with their boyfriends, should I dump him?”


I accidentally haven’t taken endep for a week, because I take it with my birth control, so often the week I don’t take birthcontrol I forget to take endep. a week is long enough to notice the changes it isn’t making. but I haven’t noticed anything. except! increased incidence of hayfever. *snif*
which is why I still take it, but it makes me feel better that I haven’t noticed anything else.

it is hot. today I ventured out without sleeves. that is evidence that it is hot.

the campus I go to is a 5 minute drive away from another campus for the same uni. so there is an inter-campus bus that goes back and forth every 15 minutes all day, with a stop half-way. the half-way stop is closer to where I live than my campus is, so sometimes instead of walking up this big useless hill to get to uni I walk to the bus stop instead. well I did that today at 1pm, it being a time of hottest heat, but the bus didn’t come for 35 minutes. so I finally hauled myself up and walked to uni, fast, because I only had 5 minutes for the 20 minute walk up a big useless hill in a time of hottest heat.

so I got to my cognition lecture 10 minutes late, which sucks when he’s halfway into neurons and brain chemistry and other things I suck at. plus for the rest of the day i’ve had an accelerating migraine and have puked 89 times, hurrah. plus it’s still hot.


I was supposed to pay rent, for the first time, and forgot. that bodes well! I will tomorrow. it’s 11:11, that means i’m telling the truth.

today started out purposeful. I cleaned, and caught up on .. this. but then I watched Rage. The Disassociatives are cute. I hope Shannon Noll dies very soon. then I watched Gladiator, but didn’t like it any better than the first time. there are things in it I like. but my dislike for Russell Crow drowns them. then I watched Moulin Rouge. by then I was nearly dead.

some stuff I know and I don’t know why:

  • rinsing your hair with cold water after washing it will only flatten it.
  • oily skin often means it’s dry. it does! when your skin lacks moisture it will compensate with oil. so moisturise it. for god’s ache, don’t just wash it with soap. soap is bad for skin. bad!
  • light eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyelids makes your eyes seem further apart. which is good.
  • hair conditioner and, to a lesser extent, shampoo, leave a buildup of gunk on your hair to make it seem softer/smoother/shinier/stronger etc. so don’t use it before dying your hair, as less dye will reach the actual hair, and more will be washed away with the gunk later.
  • when filing your nails only file in one direction. filing in both directions weakens the nail.
  • after applying one coat of mascara, apply another to only the eyelash tips. it’ll curl them, which makes them seem longer.
  • apply a damp, hot washcloth to zits. it brings the pus passively out and won’t cause scarring.
  • pluck and wax after a hot shower, when your pores are open. and before bedtime, so any redness can fade in sleep.
  • brushing your hair stimulates the scalp. which makes your hair grow faster.
  • if you line the bottom inner eyelid, line the top one, otherwise your eyes will look small.
  • vitamin e makes your hair shiny. vitamin a makes your nails strong.

am winner

well they published the tutorial lists today. there are several tutorials for each course and you sign up for the one you want and can make it to. but usually 90% of any course wants the same two tutorials, so a lot of people don’t get their first preference.
every semester I have been at uni I have gotten my first preference, and this is no exception. yay! so my final timetable is (no longer) here. only I probably won’t be doing 2004 anymore.
I didn’t put room numbers because I am afraid of stalkers.

today I caught the buss to the city. I had my earphones in but the player was off. boarding the bus, the driver had to repeat to me everything he said – whether I wanted a return ticket, the fare, and to put the money in the tray rather than hand it to him… which was strange. I just stared at it (the tray). he said “if you took your headphones off you’d be able to hear me say it.” I smiled. but I wasn’t deaf. just dumb.

I’m not 19

first biological psychology lecture today. and! guess what I get to do in two weeks! dissect a human brain, yay!
I wonder if they’ll let me photograph it.

in David Jones today a woman walked past me wearing a perfume that instantly reminded me of my dead nanna Elaine, and her bathroom. wow, was it powerful. I always thought it was just one of those stupid cliches. like the false memory implantation example of the grandfather’s tobacco, where you don’t really remember sitting on his lap with lollies, you just think you do ’cause you were told it so many times.

they started dismantling the dreamworld rollercoaster today.
someone trademarked the phrase “aussie aussie aussie, oi oi oi,” so that International companies couldn’t do so and then sue everyone for using it like they did uggboots.

most people, so far, have estimated my age to be 19.

I think Australians more so than any other people are very protective of their personal space. they tend to avoid at all costs sitting or standing directly next to someone. one person per park bench or bus shelter, one person every second seat in theatres and.. psychology lectures.