just realised i’ve been talking

just realised i’ve been talking aloud! for a while.
I collect so very many things. price tags. car-killed butterflies. tampon insertion diagrams.
if you’re short sighted it’s likely you read too much growing up, and since human eyes aren’t designed for much close-up work, they lengthened to adapt to it, and now they’re too big for long distance work. that’s right. YOUR EYEBALLS ARE TOO BIG.

wellie wellie well. my mumm’s in America somewhere. usually I send her heaps of sillie SMS messages, but since SMS doesn’t work over there, she got this voice message thing. so i’ve been leaving lots of those. my last one went something like: “i’m wearing two pairs of shoes at once, imagine that! hey.. pepsi max is 100X better than diet coke, I realised while counting my steps back from the nightowl. and nailpolish on my eyelids.”

Sarah came on MSN earlier and said she was so glad i’m coming home!
[21:57] sarahjoy: buddah is sitting on top of the computer…and his front arm is hanging down in front of the screen…..SMACK)….mwa ha ha
[21:57] me: aw. whenever i see kittens in the petshop I ..
[21:57] sarahjoy: his pupils are hUGE
[21:57] me: lol

and I started researching today! there is an article on attitude change on my hard drive RIGHT NOW! lalalalalalalove.