1, 2, 3 well! kept

well! kept my appointment. there was a new assistant, who asked what’d been wrong with my teeth. dr cadell just snorted and said, “well, look at the pictures.”
I said, “don’t.”
they never bothered me.. but! those pictures are awful. he gave them to me a while ago and I keep meaning to cease their existence..

but! he said that next appointment.. they come off! the braces. he said this while my mouth was full of pointy tools so I couldn’t say anything even though he asked, “what do you think of that?” then he took them out and asked again and I still didn’t say anything.. well, I said “good,” eventually. my next appointment is in June ’cause that’s when my next holidays are.

nahnahnananahnahnananahanahahahahah., Chicago is a rather good movie. Sarah’s taken the day off work tomorrow to Take me to see Cat in the Hat. I am sad, because I love Dr Seuss (despite his outrageous amounts of politicalness, so a lot!), but I don’t love Mike Myers. anyone should’ve been cat in the hat but him. oh, on the way to the bus station to take me to the train station to take me to the airport the other day I found three (3) car-killed butterflies!

I have two notebooks at the moment. one is special, with stuck in things and other stuff of significance, the other is just scribbled junk. but both of those, and this, seem like they’re all by different people. well.. this is all about appointments and family and uni and.. and movies and dead insects. it makes me feel pretty dumb.

well. written next to a dollar bill, above a powerpuff girl, indicative as always of my attention span:

ain’t it funny, that
pale-faced captivation could be
coupled with a bleak mouth, funereal

and hey, hey, and hey! sometimes I sit facing the corner and imagine someone creeping up behind to sink a hatchet into my skull.. have I mentioned that before? everyone’s Multi-talented
i’m breathing, aren’t I?

just remember to laugh at jokes