I live with a bunch

I live with a bunch of slobs. SLOBS.
did I mention I spent all Friday morning cleaning? no, ’cause I haven’t written. well. for the second time this week, it took me close to an hour to wash a huge pile of other peoples’ crusty, stinking dishes, after which I swept/vacuumed/mopped, sorted through mountains of junk on the bench and in the loungeroom, took out 4! bags of garbage, etc.

then I left at 7am on Saturday, and came back tonight, Sunday, to you’ll never guess what. an exact replica of the kitchen as it was before I cleaned it, and a loungeroom worse. I felt nausiated as I stood in the doorway and looked at it.

but I can’t bring myself to say anything to any of them. I haven’t left my room since I got back..