i’m on the fourth day

i’m on the fourth day of a very .. strict diet. so I feel like my life’s revolved around eating. so that’s why I haven’t been writing. and i’ve a stomachache. but! i’ve kept to it almost perfectly. and! I have gained weight since I said I would. but! gosh, it’s expensive. my grocery bill this week was $80.
but I bet it’s cause most of it was stuff I won’t need to buy often, like spices and oils and crap. i’m cooking, sans recipes .. I put all this stuff in a saucepan and it turned out wonderous. so! yay me.

I left my phone charger at nanna’s last weekend, so have to go back to get it, but haven’t called her. so I can’t go tomorrow.. ’cause i’ll want to leave early so I can come back the same day, and it’s 6-7 hours travelling, there and back.

mmm, okidoke. biology practical, in which we had to time ourselves balancing a stick on two fingers while humming, singing a nursery rhyme and reciting tongue twisters. my longest time was about 5 seconds, my partner’s was twice that ..
ah, yes.. partners. why in uni must everything be done in partnership? I sigh in ire everytime I hear the word.
anyway that’s the experiment we’re to write up, lab report, as the main assignment. she said it’ll be marked quite rigorously.. ah! and it’s an elective! gosh i’m an idiot.

oh.. went to see Kill Bill 2. it really didn’t need to be split up, those greedy bastards. but since it was.. vol 1 wins without even thinking about it.
oh, oh, my tummy.