nanna passed her celebrancie course.

nanna passed her celebrancie course. hurrah! she called me while I was standing in line at Coles to tell me. by the way, don’t ever do your shopping on anzac monday. yikes.

but I thought of something she told me last weekend that i’ve vowed to remember for ever: her first communion. they stress the entire time that you’re taking God into your heart, yasee, so 6year old nanna thought, wow! God in my heart! and has since envisioned a chair in her heart for him, with a blue (or green, she can’t remember) velvet cushion. her heart has windows which look out onto a garden she’d planted in her ribcage for God to gaze out at from his velvet cushion’d chair in her heart as she takes communion. he sits there just for a few minutes every Sunday and rests from all the world’s demands.