oh how I dearly love

oh how I dearly love my Buddha. he has such a face!

Sarah works 10am to 7pm every day for $7something an hour. but is going to America in June to! be an au pair. i’d suggested it ’cause I thought for a few days of doing it but didn’t, obviously.. anyway. she’s more suited to it. though no one thinks she should ..
I was glad to see her! we rented some movies tonight, one being They; “no, I haven’t seen it,” I said, but 5 minutes into the movie thought maybe I had, and 10 minutes into the movie knew I had. why, why am I cursed with such a disfunctional brain?
I know I was going somewhere with Sarah’s work and plans, but got sidetracked and can’t remember now.
every time I come back here I feel I never went anywhere. the Trinity Beach post office boy was on the same flight up. I thought “gosh, this plane is very spacious!” ’cause I had heaps of room, then I noticed I was in the emergencie exit seat. so if we’d crashed into the ocean and had seconds to escape before sinking, I could have chosen to drown us all.
I think the humidity has given me a headache.
I think I have a headache, or know I do and think it was caused by humidity?