today was long. I hadn’t

today was long.

I hadn’t been to the uni at all, to do research for my papers, so had Sarah drive me on her way to work. except i’d lost my JCU student card, but Ms Librarian let me borrow books anyway ’cause she knew me. but it’s good, to borrow books here even though i’ll have to post them back from Brisbane, ’cause all the relevant books at Griffith would be checked out already ’cause there are only 5 essay topics to choose from and hundreds of people doing the course, and hundreds of people further ahead in their papers than I.

so I got some books then went to wait for the bus, when! one came when it wasn’t supposed to, it must’ve been dreadfully late, but was right on time for me. so yay.

then I packed when I got home. Bronwyn had rang and said she had an appointment at 11am (my plane left at 11:55) but that we’d have heaps of time. “okay!” I sang, and waited for her to arrive.
well, she arrived at 11:30. it, of course, takes half an hour to get to the airport. Bronwyn said, “gee, I hope you’re not late, ’cause we’d have to buy another ticket. well, You would.”
“haha,” I ha’d.
so we pulled up and she said, “I won’t come in. have a good flight!”
“okay!” I sang, as she sped away.
of course, i’d missed my flight. so I bought another ticket ($200) and waited a couple hours, being stranded at the airport where no buses come. gosh, you wouldn’t believe how depressed I got, waiting.

so in Brisbane I got on the train and turned on my phone and had about 80 messages. one from Sarah, saying “I miss u, u fuckin WANKA,” (inside joke) (every third word out of her cute little mouth is “fuck”), and one from Nanna saying “just want to know when you’re getting here, NANNA,” (she signs everything, even voice messages, just in case I don’t know it’s her).
I thought, “i’m getting there?”
so I rang her and said, “sorry, my plane was late, i’ll be there at 7.”
so I caught the train and the bus home, threw stuff everywhere half-unpacking and re-packing, then caught the bus back to catch the train. but by then I had no cash so went to find an ATM before catching the train.
and! discovered the Southbank night markets! golly golly gosh, how delighted was I. I bought heaps of stupid junk I half regret, as I usually do. and didn’t get to Nanna’s till 8.

then, of course, she kept me up half the night filling out marriage forms and stuff. yay way to end the day. well, I didn’t mind. don’t.