a cold

I woke up today with a cold, I hope it is only a cold, i’ve too much to do to have the flu. at the moment it’s just sneezing, sore throat, headache, hot and cold flushes.
plus it’s the coldest day ever, pouring rain. remember how a few weeks ago I mentioned being able to see my breath ’cause it was 7am.. i’ve been seeing it all day, today. I like it, I can wear heaps of clothes, gloves, use my umbrella! i’ll ask mumm to send down my scarf. but i’m thinking of knitting one.. very thin and long, bright red, with large needles and feathered yarn.

I went to see Eternal Sunshine, as i’d planned for so long and finally decided last night to today. I spent the second half just waiting for it to be over.. I don’t know if it was because it was bad or because I felt bad. when I watch it again one day i’ll know.

haven’t eaten anything yet, but have drank 50 cups of lemon tea. oh, and strepsils. gosh, all the things I could be doing, need to be doing..