TV etc

been watching inordinate amounts of tv. I mean, really.. it’s all i’ve done the past two days.
oh, you know how, just as you’ve fallen asleep, or are falling, you suddenly jump awake as if you were.. falling. .. 🙂 yes, well that happened to me last night. definite yay!
in between watching tv, when absolutely nothing has been on, I mean I can’t watch sport at all, and world news can only hold my attention for about five minutes, two if it’s in another language, i’ve been writing my social psychology essay on attitude change. i’m 760 words, except since it’s been over six months since writing my last essay, i’ve forgotten how, so so far it couldn’t be called an essay at all, but more a collection of unfinished, completely disconnected paragraphs.. ..unfinished as in ending mid sentence, disconnected as in when i’ve said something I need a reference for, and spend half an hour looking for one but can’t find one, I start on my next point without finishing the last. I know what I want to say… outline the theories, apply them, a nice neat section each, and then, of course, integrate them.. i’ve done it dozens of times. only I keep talking about things that aren’t in any of the theories, and can’t possibly reference because it’s just coming out of my brain and I doubt any of it is even right, since my brain’s ideas aren’t too reliable.

I just finished watching Terminator, the original, which i’d never seen! though i’ve seen the second a billion times, and even the third.. and Four weddings and a funeral, I watched them simultaneously, flipping back and forth. how wasteful, after a day-long of nothing to watch. an oil painting tutorial, a documentary on Cambodian culture, the great outdoors! how’s that for a job, to travel to all these $5000 places every week and play with tigers and go scuba diving for a stupid mid-Saturday tv show. gilmore girls, video hits, my wife and kids, two and a half men, two men and a half, or something, that one was bad. all of these i’ve never watched before in my life. and of course dozens of cartoons.. looney tunes! except it’s on an independent channel so the reception is blastedly bad.. pokemon, some ren & stimpy rip-off about a pink criminal bunny..

I don’t have uni Tuesday, it being labour day Monday, and since there are so many public holidays on Monday, they’ve put this Monday’s class schedule on Tuesday. which I don’t mind, Tuesday is my longest day. although Thursday is biology day, four straight hours.. i’d’ve preferred that one.

the Buddha birthday festival is on right now, has been all day, a 5 minute bus trip away.. I even walked right by the bus station on my way to dropping off an overdue library book for which I was being charged $2 per day for, i’ve three more I am still being charged $2 per day for, each! and! I actually had two of the exact same one, which is one of the ones I took back. what a flake am I. maybe i’ll go tomorrow. but I also need to buy groceries tomorrow. and there was something else..