Buddha’s birthday

anything resembling uncontrollable rage is really merely mild annoyance.

went to the Buddha birthday festival! which was truly spectacular. there were the usual Southbank markets but then heaps of Chinese stuff as well, and a huge area with Chinese food, not the stuff you find in conventional Chinese restaurants.. but all this crazy stuff i’d never heard of before. vegetarian, of course.. it being a Buddhist thing. there were displays and all funny things set up with statues and gardens and stories and a million different ways to make a wish, with a candle on a pond or a giant gong, the washing Buddha ritual, and some chanting candle thing I lost interest in, lion dances and those dragons with amillion human legs. and free classes .. art and craft and using chopsticks and meditation. and funny buskers. and rides, which was odd.. ferris wheels and dodgem cars and fun houses. and Chinese lanterns everywhere.
and? I only stayed an hour and a half. but I looked at everything.

it’s the third of May already. this month will be so busy. i’ve written three quarters of my essay but only on one theory so far! if I were to do what i’d originally planned it would turn out three times it’s should-be length.
hmmhmm. I can’t just have one theory. i’ll shorten it.