dot points

  1. i’m exhausted. I walked up to uni and back twice today. I usually catch the bus there and walk back, downhill.. I wasn’t thinking clearly. need sleep. when I don’t have insomnia I romanticise it, forgetting how it is nothing but very tearfully frustrating.
  2. I very much despise the time between turning off the shower and being dry.
  3. somehow, when knitting, I always end up with more stitches than I began.
  4. I grew terribly sad when I realised I will have to practically rewrite my social psych essay. that’s what happens when you start early.
  5. Nia’s friend and her husband stayed here so the friend could audition for Australian Idol. Nia and the friend went out for dinner, for some reason leaving the husband behind to encroach on my comfort. thee most talkative boy in the world, but so very nice and amusing I ended up having a three hour conversation about a billion atrociously personal things. very odd. he was Canadian.
  6. there is a big, loud fly buzzing around and around the room.
  7. something I noticed right away upon transferring to GU: there are extremely few mature age students here; everyone is approximately my age or less. at JCU at least half the students were 30+, here, though.. the mean age for the biology experiment (on which the lab report [due this Monday!] is based) was 21.9.
  8. i’m not supposed to tell anyone (so if any family members read this, don’t tell anyone), but mumm is looking at houses for sale in Brisbane.
  9. i’m thinking a lot of transferring back to JCU, where admission to honours is more likely.
  10. the muffins are much, much nicer with peanut butter.