I haven’t been sleeping or eating much, but i’ve almost finished two of 3½ assignments; the two hardest ones! the fourth one is only that partner presentation, 15 minutes, which is why it is classed as ½ compared to the other three 3000 word undertakings. I am slightly stressed, I simply cannot wait until this week is over and they’re both handed in. it’s working on two things at once. every time I think of the other one I want to be working on that one.
thus, I have a zit.

over the past two thinks (did I mean to say thinks there? I don’t remember. well, I’m leaving it) i’d been thinking how very quiet business had been; only a few orders and no problems or questions. it exploded right when I was at my busiest, of course.. about a billion things which have been taking up far too much time popped up like.. zits.

mumm told me Sarah goes to America before I go back home, which means I won’t see her! until she comes back. which I thought was two years, but is only 13 months. I was sad when I found out. we can’t live together for longer than a week without hating each other, but I like her. well. she’s going to Philedelphia at the end of this month.

I can’t remember if I mentioned joining fetchmemovies for the free trial. I have three DVDs, so in between assignment writing i’ve been watching…

Lady Lovely Locks! gosh gosh gosh gosh gosh gosh gosh, how very lucky I am that there is such a thing. loveX425086325.