my dad’s response to my bedroom picture:

Is that a Carebear I see seated in your shelves in your bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My god, I despise those things. The memory of you watching their videos when you were about 3 or 4, hour after hour after hour. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

okay, i’ve finished my social psych essay. however! it’s close to 3000 words, and the absolute max word limit before you start losing marks is 2750. and i’ve already gone through it and chopped out all the nonessential parts! more than once! ee!

my divorce hearing was today. since it was the third rescheduled one, they’d said I Must be present, except, of course, it was in Cairns and I in Brisbane. so I called them (for three days before someone actually answered) and they said they’d call me on the day and have the hearing over the phone. so today they called me, and she said that I have to send my copy of the application to x, and send the court an affadavit saying i’d done so, and that even if x doesn’t respond..
she’ll grant the divorce! yay! so that hearing’s on the 16th of June. yay!

and! i’ve been keeping this stupid dailie for a year. yay.