ah, today. how wonderful you

ah, today. how wonderful you are.

  1. got back my biology report. the class average grade was 66%, “oh, no,” but I, of course, was an extreme outlier. i’m not telling which way.
  2. had my last class for the semester, during which I
  3. did my presentation! lost marks for going over time.. why is everything I do too long? still got a distinction.
  4. handed in my cognition report and my laboratory questions, my last two pieces of assessment, hurrah.
  5. bought a bottle of vodka and wasn’t carded. I don’t want to open it, it’s so prettie.
  6. shared a pizza with flatmate Nia, then watched Barbarella while we both companionably knitted.
  7. Clockwork Orange is on Sunday night, 9:30pm on SBS! how I [would] adore that channel [if it wouldn’t show so much foreign news and other hideously dull stuff].
  8. phonetalked to my mumm (who was annoyed I hadn’t been answering her on ICQ ’cause i’d forgot to put it on away) who is flying down instead. they left this morning at 5:30am, drove for two hours then turned around and drove back. because the car has a wobble, and at 120km it tends to induce nausea. so i’m meeting them at the airport at 8:30am tomorrow, which means I have to leave here at 7am.
  9. which means i’m going to bed now, early, instead of drinking vodka. except flatmate Sandy is singing again, and the wall dividing us grows more porous by the second.