hi hi hi hi hi.

hi hi hi hi hi.
i’m at Trina’s in Toowoomba, &gosh! I thought Brisbane was cold! Toowoomba is mountainie.
&. all they do is drink. all day long until by the end no one can stand up. of course, it’s very bad influence, this is what I wrote last night:

i’m rather drunk,ver.i’ve had five lemon rusies and two lasses of wine,whih is proa b.t around 12 standard drinks, i’m not sure. jut escapes a he argument with mumm nd trina over the prime minister’ lack of sorrie to indignous australia, which I think he sould have deliverred. Trin can’t see the diffieence betweenan apology and saying yo’re orry, where my mumm can,and althoughs ehfeels very stroly about aorigines casing their own fate (blame the victim, i.e. if theydidn’ t drink, but that’s such an unthough excuse fo so many reasons) she can openmindedly see my point, where tinra ranfrom the room in tear untilwe changes the subjecut..
and roger and the lesbian parents on playschool! I coldn’t believe it when thatwas such a bigdeal, bt then for someone .. to agree…

now i just need to g o t bed.. ican’t type on this stupid aptop keyboard.

my camerah’s batterie is flat and I forgot my charger. but! I desperately need pictures of Trina’s puppie! !!
well. we go to Brisbane tomorrow, and before then Ihave to design a logo for Trina’s new computer tutoring and administration solutions BUSIness yay.