i’ve been thinking of dying

i’ve been thinking of dying my hair the past few days.. well it needs redying, at the moment it’s half &half, and fadey. so. I read my horoscope today, for June, for the first time in months and months. actually I never read horoscopes.
and do you know what it said? it said “don’t change your hair.”

I spoke to Trina, on the phone, for the first time since moving here.. she said Ronnie’s been asking for me. they’ve told her i’ll be there in 3 sleeps, but she doesn’t understand 3 sleeps yet..
I really just want to see their new puppie.

and mumm, she’s arriving Friday, she’s driving trina’s car down and flying back up.. I assume daydream is coming. they’ll look at properties, visit the nannas. and! it’s right on my study break, so, good timing.
and.. I finished my cognition report today. all that’s left, now, is the presentation.