they went back to Cairns

they went back to Cairns today, I went with them to the airport to say bi.
since i’d been away for a week I had no food at my house, so I stopped in the city on the way home to eat something. and! care bear happy meals!
then, when lining up at the bus station, the boy behind me said something, and I smiled. I sat near the back, and he sat directly opposite and stared in my direction. not at me, but it made me uncomfortable enough so I got up and moved further back.
when I got off at the uni, he got off there too. hugely uncomfortable, since the walk from the uni to my house is dark scary and between a big concrete wall and ominous bush full of creaks and glowing rodent eyes. so I waited for the next bus and got on it.
and so did he! I got off at Garden City, and so did he, but so did everyone ’cause that’s where the bus ended. I ran through the centre, all shut up ’cause it was around midnight, and he was gone. so I walked home.