at nanna Trish’s

i’m at nanna Trish’s. she’d been very ill, she fell ill the day I left for Cairns. she forgot who she was for a while, apparently. she’s better, now, not entirely.. but better. she looks older, thinner, and today she noticed new wrinkles. I sat across from her and stared, thinking she could be dead.

on the flight down the sun was rising, and I above the clouds stared out the window the whole time. it was very pretty. I had a bit of hayfever so pulled out a tissue. well, since all these bright rising sunrays were blaring in through the window, tiny tissue dusts flew everywhere. I used to call them spectacles, which I guess is a mix between speck and particle. anyway, mumm, having just read Michael Crichton’s Prey, yelled “I’m breathing little nanobots!” and clamped her hands over her mouth.
now I know where I get it from.
so I closed the window cover and they disappeared along with the blaring rays.

I miss Buddha.