jessica meek

found out today that if you die before paying back your HECS debt .. your children must pay it!

on the way back from ..somewhere, I had mumm pull over so I could photograph something.
she protested: “but people driving past will look at you and wonder what you’re doing,” and wouldn’t get out of the car.

tonight I taught her to knit. all I had was left over several types of black yarn, so she’s knitting a several-types-of-black-yarn scarf.
I do have other colours. but they’re planned for something.

i’ve spent close to $1000 since holidays started.
every day I think k, going to be frugal now, ’cause my horoscope said to be. but then I go and buy a $50 Dark Crystal book or $70 mannequin or $75 bottle of absinthe or $80 CD burner or a pile of skirts or acrylics or elephant statues or peacock feathers. it’s a problem.

I dislike Blanch as a name ersatz, now, and have decided on Faire.
if I were to change my first name it’d be to Io.
ail, dire, wan, raze.. it must be wrong to WANT.
ah   hhhh. just be quiet, and agreeable. MEEK. Io Meek.