moving! again.

i’m not outwardly self-depreciating, I just said to someone.

so! now i’m at Trina’s. i’ve been working on brochures for her.. all day. we sat up all night talking about it, last night.. and i’m really not interested. but she gave me a television. ahhh. yes. i’m down. misery is mine. it is a pet with grey fur and sagging eyelids.

it’s change. and moving. i’ve a new apartment, of course.. I move in Tuesday. oh, yes, I won a scholarship. i’d planned to move anyway. ..mmm. it’s $4000 per year for 4 years. so. today Roger went to garage sales and bought a refrigerator and washing machine for me. Trina gave me a TV, cutlery.. some other kitchen stuff. nanna Cutts yesterday gave me .. miscellaneous.

tomorrow I need to get.. a bed, desk..
I have to catch two buses to get to uni. but at least my address won’t be Klumpp road. my lease there runs out in a month.. so for a month i’m paying rent for two places !! gosh. disorganised is mine, it’s a hat with a wilting flower in the band.

i’m tired.. so..