by myself

there is a circus in town that I simply must attend. but dear oh dear, I do everything by myself ..

k! mumm has applied to JCU, for a bachelor of arts. which I think is just grand. although she’s started twice before, at least.. and! I would like her to move to Brisbane …
only three weeks till I have to go back. I don’t want to.. but only because .. well. I do like it down there. I just dislike my living arrangements. ah.. hhh. well. I plan to move. right away.

got my braces off yesterday. oh yes! my braces are off. my teeth seem huge and glowing. i’ve retainers to wear, which lend me a slight speech impediment that I find adorable, even in myself. i’d been worrying about drinking so much coffee, ’cause you’re not supposed to, with braces, it stains around them and they leave whiter marks when they come off.. but i’ve no marks. I do, however, have an overbite I never had before.
and my hair cut. I don’t like it, it gets in my eyes.. but I like the colour, it’s faded to a brown. i’m still going to dye it.. maybe blue.
I made banana raspberrie smoothies, today ..hey look! I didn’t even consciously ie that. and margaritas.. i’ve had three or so, just now. big ones.   ^_^

what else. daydream is suing that new mall for using his logo, Sarah is absolutely miserable in America, I today out of boredom filled in a name change form and have half decided to submit it; Blanch as a last name, what do you think? it costs $41 but i’ve my stalker x as a good reason. i’ve suddenly, just today, received lots of emails from him again. he sends me pictures of himself? like I might *realise what i’ve *given up and *regret it?
* = yeah right.

Charmed is on right now. words cannot express the contempt I hold for that show. oh, I saw Georgia’s dad in Woolworths, smiling, “hello! you’re Georgia’s friend, aren’t you!” after not seeing him for 7 years or so. but he wouldn’t let me say a word for talking about her in Berlin.

I ceased taking the pill three months ago, about, and haven’t had a period since. which means when I do get it.. it’ll be horrid.

lastly, I think, i’ve had a cold, or something. I wonder if I am sick more .. it’s much warmer here, of course.. the show is on July 21-23, classes start on the 26th! ah, gosh, I wish I could live in a room and have no contact with outside at all. i’m just so stupid and hatey.