furniture & aminals

I measured my “living” area for the sofabed, and.. it’s not too small, but it is small. oh wellie wellie well. need something more than a beanbag 🙂 although I will no longer have an excuse for people to not to come visiting..
hmm! I need to paint the TV stand, probably black/slate grey gradient. though I still haven’t finished the fridge, haven’t even started the mannequin! currently she’s a holder for my wigs.
oo. I desperately want to bring my other mannequins down from Cairns next time I go up. which is September 25th, I think. can’t wait to see Buddha!
I might get another rat. hm. I wish ferrets were legal in Queensland.


I loved Quantam Leap when I was little. I loved Al. he was in Langoliers, too, wasn’t he? I loved Langoliers.

I get asked this a lot:
psychologists study human behaviour in order to help mentally healthy people function better.
psychiatrists have a medical degree generally in order to treat people with a mental illness.

all night I was woken up by hugely crashing thunders. which means I remember all my dreams. if you ever want to remember all your dreams, set your alarm to go off every so often in the middle of night.

so, Trish and Wayne came up from the Gold Coast to visit, to see where I live. she said a dozen times I look like mumm did at this age, and! oh yeah, Sue, my aunt, does tarot card readings for a half-living.. she has for ever, and everyone in the family swears she’s always right. well, when doing one for Trish she said something about me, which I do not care to relate, but in doing so referred to me as a spinster! how gorgeous is that! okay, well what she actually said was that I won’t be a spinster forever. but anyway. i’m a spinster.


i’ve been emailing my sister.. I received a package from her the other day, with! a my little pony (which isn’t available in Australia. and has bees on it! cute ones!), among other things. and, suspiciously enough, she received my package the very same day. but I got sidetracked. been emailing her, and in today’s email:

it sounds like ur going insane when u tell me shit about ur house being haunted. what the? thats very starnge indeed. maybe it is really haunted and thats why it was so cheap and no-one lived there…..ohhhhhhhhhhhh…. (scary X FILE music)

how cute is she? I wish I had a telescope.

those two sentences weren’t really connected. I mean, I don’t want a telescope so I can see her in all the way in America, or anything. I just paused to think i’d really like a telescope.


the train absolutely packed with people sporting dozens of showbags each as well as preposterous hats, wigs, yoyos, magic wands, halos on wires and/or devil horns, bat wings, inflatable baseball bats/mallets and giant stuffed toys. all patrons, of course, of the Ekka, short for Exhibition, formally known as the Royal Brisbane Show. today! was show day, a public holiday, and of course.. I went to the show. it was relatively awesome. and I am absolutely tired.

THANK YOU DRIVER!!!!!!!!!!!111111

I always say “thank you” to the bus driver when disembarking, but! not when it’s through the back door. I can’t stand when people shout “thank you” down the aisle from the back door!

so, at Toowoomba. are Trina and Roger ever a bad influence. they drink a lot. probably it’s only on weekends, but wow. they were offended at Sue (my other aunt)’s husband Dean’s comment that they drink a lot, as they obviously didn’t think they do. well. they do. I told them they’re alcoholics as determined by the DSM-IV. haha. I love them.

oh. i’d curled my hair on Friday, and when Trina and Ronnie picked me up from the bus station, Ronnie exclaimed, “what’s wrong with your hair!”
I said, “you’re silly.”
she said, “no, I’m Ronica.”

braces = youth

i’d like to be profiled.. I want to be a serial killer. Jack & Jill.
told you’re no good enough times you’ll believe it’s true. you know.. people weeping brokenly, crying “who would do something like this?” a legitimate concern.
are child offences wiped after so many years? I half-remember being told it would be, but that might’ve just been the probationary period he was talking about.

instead of falling over: two papercut fingers. I figured out my superego is punishing me, but for what? up with which we will not put?

best part of today: a boy’s phone rang during a tutorial and everyone went silent.. till he said “mumm, i’ll ring you back,” & everyone laughed & his face burned red.
this was during that game where you tell three things about yourself, one a lie, and everyone has to guess the lie. they got mine third guess. this was interpersonal skills; we were asked what goals we hoped to achieve with this class and I said I fear I largely appear insincere.

i’m very close to re-shaving my head. I haven’t been carded since my braces came off. i’m going to Toowoomba for the weekend.

music mind

well! I just fell over. the fourth time in the past week.. and two of those times were in the same day! one was in the middle of a crowd of people! and jarred my arm quite badly when I LANDED on it. it still hurts when I move it wrong.
why all of a sudden am I falling all over the place? i’ve three bruises. =^_^=
I also got off the bus at the wrong stop again.. this time one too far along, instead of too early.
there is something wrong with my brain.
this is the new universe
until all traces faaaaaaaade away

(nothing makes me want to dance so much as the yeah yeah yeahs, they’re just so DARLING. DARLINGLY GORGEOUS, even.)


does everyone think themselves more complicated? I think i’m complicated. do you think you’re complicated?

I think I rarely see anything I look at any more.
it’s so quiet.
I used to take for granted that being loved helps people to love .. but.. I love far less than, and am loved far more than…
well, I could count the people on one finger,
it makes me a bit miserable. my family is so attached, and I am so sick, guilty.

ah.. ah so. i’ve been busy, and am not half done.
part of moving involves arranging not only furniture, but a million statues, figurines, toys.. gemstones, candles, musicboxes, photographs and posters and scarves and bells hanging from the ceiling. a dragon’s den of junk. there are my little ponies simply everywhere, i’d no idea i’d accumulated so many.. it’s frightening! i’m not obsessive, it’s just.. I have to buy things when I see them. I haven’t enough surfaces for all these pointless possessions.
there is one brass buddha beside the monitor, my favourite because he’s particularly frightening.. his million tooth’d grin; his completely relaxed, wide open pose; his wrinkles; heavy jewelry; snake fingers..

I haven’t enough powerpoints, and am afraid to add any more double/panel adapters.. it’s dangerous, isn’t it? with sparks and burning.

it took me half a day to assemble the desk. the bedroom light socket keeps throwing bulbs at my head, the built-ins! dear God, they expect me to put my clothes in that dusty, mouldy, rotting construction?! so currently they’re strewn all over the floor till I decide what to do with them. I need another PO box, since i’ve no mailbox..

a girl emailed me asking to switch tutorial times for my stats course. that’s never happened before! she must’ve picked my name at random from the tutorial list. what was so special about my name, that she thought i’d be kind enough to hand over my hard-won tutorial allocation? very suspicious, in deed.
I was, of course, kind enough; but only because it was beneficial to myself.

Trish sent me an email.. I can’t remember if I mentioned it previously, but she’s asked me to do her a painting. i’d already started the mannequin, so hadn’t thought about it much.. couldn’t possibly have two projects at once. then, today, I wrote some crap about angels, or something.. and around 10 seconds after i’d gotten distracted and started something else I received an email from her:

I hope you do not mind me saying this
But I was wondering if you had started the painting…no….
well if not how would you feel about painting your interpretations of angels ..floating or what ever
I would like it to be how you perceive this..

very suspicious #2!
but i’m glad, because now i’ve a very clear concept.
she also mentioned that she’d been ringing my phones which I never answer. haha! phones which I never answer. that made me smile. actually my landline is permanently internet engaged, my mobile always flat-batteried.

mmm.. i’m in the middle of solving a problem for a customer, but emailing back and forth is taking a while.. and i’m tired, and must rise early. but couldn’t possibly leave it till morning. I just noticed i’m bleeding for no apparent reason!
well, i’ll set my alarm for an hour from now.

since coming back down from humid Cairns, my lips have been so dry.. it’s driving me to distraction. I apply balm every hour.. in vain, in vain!