THANK YOU DRIVER!!!!!!!!!!!111111

I always say “thank you” to the bus driver when disembarking, but! not when it’s through the back door. I can’t stand when people shout “thank you” down the aisle from the back door!

so, at Toowoomba. are Trina and Roger ever a bad influence. they drink a lot. probably it’s only on weekends, but wow. they were offended at Sue (my other aunt)’s husband Dean’s comment that they drink a lot, as they obviously didn’t think they do. well. they do. I told them they’re alcoholics as determined by the DSM-IV. haha. I love them.

oh. i’d curled my hair on Friday, and when Trina and Ronnie picked me up from the bus station, Ronnie exclaimed, “what’s wrong with your hair!”
I said, “you’re silly.”
she said, “no, I’m Ronica.”