I loved Quantam Leap when I was little. I loved Al. he was in Langoliers, too, wasn’t he? I loved Langoliers.

I get asked this a lot:
psychologists study human behaviour in order to help mentally healthy people function better.
psychiatrists have a medical degree generally in order to treat people with a mental illness.

all night I was woken up by hugely crashing thunders. which means I remember all my dreams. if you ever want to remember all your dreams, set your alarm to go off every so often in the middle of night.

so, Trish and Wayne came up from the Gold Coast to visit, to see where I live. she said a dozen times I look like mumm did at this age, and! oh yeah, Sue, my aunt, does tarot card readings for a half-living.. she has for ever, and everyone in the family swears she’s always right. well, when doing one for Trish she said something about me, which I do not care to relate, but in doing so referred to me as a spinster! how gorgeous is that! okay, well what she actually said was that I won’t be a spinster forever. but anyway. i’m a spinster.