braces = youth

i’d like to be profiled.. I want to be a serial killer. Jack & Jill.
told you’re no good enough times you’ll believe it’s true. you know.. people weeping brokenly, crying “who would do something like this?” a legitimate concern.
are child offences wiped after so many years? I half-remember being told it would be, but that might’ve just been the probationary period he was talking about.

instead of falling over: two papercut fingers. I figured out my superego is punishing me, but for what? up with which we will not put?

best part of today: a boy’s phone rang during a tutorial and everyone went silent.. till he said “mumm, i’ll ring you back,” & everyone laughed & his face burned red.
this was during that game where you tell three things about yourself, one a lie, and everyone has to guess the lie. they got mine third guess. this was interpersonal skills; we were asked what goals we hoped to achieve with this class and I said I fear I largely appear insincere.

i’m very close to re-shaving my head. I haven’t been carded since my braces came off. i’m going to Toowoomba for the weekend.