i’ve been emailing my sister.. I received a package from her the other day, with! a my little pony (which isn’t available in Australia. and has bees on it! cute ones!), among other things. and, suspiciously enough, she received my package the very same day. but I got sidetracked. been emailing her, and in today’s email:

it sounds like ur going insane when u tell me shit about ur house being haunted. what the? thats very starnge indeed. maybe it is really haunted and thats why it was so cheap and no-one lived there…..ohhhhhhhhhhhh…. (scary X FILE music)

how cute is she? I wish I had a telescope.

those two sentences weren’t really connected. I mean, I don’t want a telescope so I can see her in all the way in America, or anything. I just paused to think i’d really like a telescope.