that yesterday-mentioned notebook? bought it today, yay! also decided what to do after I finished studying psychology. well unless I keep studying it. but anyway, what? ohyeah, mumm read my cards but I can’t remember anything she said ‘cept that I limit myself. &! yeah to let go of the past or something. ph. 😛

well. I need to make an appointment at reds to do something entirely shocking to my hair; may dye it either pink or blue before then. or both! oo. oh yea, what i’ll do after psychology! well i’d have to put together a portfolio, but I so want to be a professional artist today. i’ll apply at the conservatorium of art. I just feel very inspired. and want to do that celebrancy course. I mean, come on. who wouldn’t want me to marry them? 😉

well i’m so sleepie.. I got sick last night & fell asleep before my head touched the pillow like I was a storybook girl. but then woke an hour later & culdn’t sleep so pretended to be an easter bunny & bounced all over the house all night. so. good-easter-night.